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🧬 @TraffikGene, tecnología prometedora para el tratamiento de enfermedades.
Apoyado por el #ProgramaIgnicia, el proyecto que lidera @MontenegroLabo en el @ciqususc entra en una nueva fase para llegar a mercado.


Check out in @Matter_CP our preview “the emergence of order” ⚡️ as described in the superb paper of @conticellolab about deterministic chaos in self-assembly and supramolecular polymers ❄️📿🔬❄️

Are you interested in the synthesis of large aromatic molecules and nanographenes? Fascinated by AFM with atomic resolution? Come work with us at @ciqususc ! We are seeking for a postdoctoral researcher for the @ERC_Research Synergy Grant MolDAM #chempostdoc #chemtwitter

📢📢 We are hiring!! #chemtweeter
We are looking for motivated Postdoctoral Researchers that want to work in an active lab in Madrid
Want to join us?
Please see attached file for more info and write to:

Happy to be part of this great collaboration! New review about the impact of #nanocarriers on the #skin in @angew_chem ! @Calderon_Lab! Especial thanks to @NehaTiw05508189 @david_esporrin

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