Our research about mechanical properties of soft-nanomaterials as been published in Chemistry of Materials

We compare in this study the mechanical properties at the nanoscale of three different nanospherical materials. We could observe by AFM-QNM interesting mechanical properties inherited from their different synthetic procedures. Congratulation Ernesto for this nice study!!

Read the article here

Unfortunately this time our proposal for the cover art was not selected.

Visit to Birmingham University

In the frame of our shared Royal Society Grant, I had the opportunity to visit our collaborator Paco Fernandez-Trillo labs and get to know the amazing research that this great team does. Moreover, I delivered a talk about our last findings in thermoresponsive materials for biomedical applications.


Visit of Porf. Maeda (前田先生)

We were glad to have Prof. Maeda as invited Speaker within the frame of Focus Area NanoScale. His outstanding talk entitled  “Function of Chirality-Responsive Dynamic Helical Polymers” thrilled us showing all the possible applications of chiral dynamic polymers!

ありがとうございました 前田先生!!

Our new study on capturing circulating tumor cells in exvivo samples got accepted in Polymers

The manuscript entitled “Optimizing the circulating tumor cells capture efficiency of magnetic nanogels by transferrin decoration” is now accepted in Polymers. In this follow up from our previous publication, we optimize capturing efficiency by modifying the linker between the magnetic nanogel and the targeting protein. Moreover, we perform some preliminary capturing experiments in blood samples from cancer patients.