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I was one of a dozen celebrating the occasion of my giving a lecture @UTokyo_News_en by engaging last evening in fine Japanese dining with, amongst others, Mitsuhiko (Mitch) Shionoya, Takashi Kato and Takuzo Aida. It was a special event, one to be treasured by all present. Thanks

Invited by our colleague @felixfreirelab, Prof. Katsuhiro Maeda from @KanazawaUni has visited CiQUS today. Thank you very much for your lecture!

Du forschst an einem Thema, aber findest es traurig, dass Nachbarn, Freunde und Familie nie verstehen, warum gerade DEIN Forschungsgebiet so faszinierend ist? Dann bekenne dich @kieznerdsberlin

Dios bendito, esto es un puto orgasmo, no sabes ni dónde mirar: Aurora durante eclipse lunar [VÍDEO 8K y 360º] vía @fogonazos

I’m really happy with the scheme describing azobencene isomerization in our recent @EurJOC review on DNA recognition with artificial peptides.

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