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We are very excited to share our group’s first paper describing our efforts to realize the mechanochemical activation of a supramolecular cage including cargo release, published @Angew_chem. This project is a product of great teamwork with @goestlich 🥳 🎉

El citoesqueleto es la estructura que da forma a las células, permitiéndoles moverse, dividirse o transportar sustancias. Investigadores de @MontenegroLabo en #CiQUS buscan reconstruirlo artificialmente para comprender su funcionamiento 📺 👉 #DivulgaCiQUS

We are happy to share our latest publication @ACS_AMI about #magnetoplasmonic #nanoparticles for #photothermal therapy in collaboration with @nanominions . Congrats to @biglionecata for the publication of her postdoctoral project with us!

This video, released today but filmed @ciqususc before the pandemia, remembers us that we will get over this and come back stronger. Thanks @AliciaRioboo @charlenemhw and all members of the @MontenegroLabo for your work and dedication ❤️ you all 👉

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