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Pleased to present for the first time the latest results of our research. Thank you for this opportunity and see you at the gala dinner! @sij2021AdH @JovenesQuimicos

✨🎊Abrimos as portas! Este ano cunha motivación especial polo que supón este reencontro co público. Comeza #CienciaSingular5 no #CiQUS ...

A study recently published in @NatureComms by @ciqususc researchers show that a self-assembled fibrillar system generated from very simple molecules leads to functional responses in protocells.

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@MontenegroLabo @UniversidadeUSC

Under confinement 🔮 a physically autocatalyzed oxyme reaction coupled to 1D self-assembly 🪢 controls the uptake of exogenous substances and the communication 🗣between water droplets 💧now in @NatureComms ⁦@ciqususc⁩ Read it 👉

We are hiring!! 🎬1 Doctoral (Chemist) and one 1 Postdoc (Biochemist/Immunologist) 👩‍🔬👩🏾‍🎓to join us in our journey 🌍 towards new Supramolecular Systems and Peptide Carriers for DNA, mRNA, Cas9, vaccines and much more!!! 🧬💉👉Follow the 🐇

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