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💻 #CiQUS researchers evaluate through computational methods the behavior of cyclic peptide nanotubes to transport water across the cell membrane. Results, published in @acsnano, are key for validation of new water simulation models in confined systems.

We are thrilled to share our most recent work on stabilising indocyanine green J-aggregates in protein micelles for photothermal therapy. Check it out on @nanoscale_rsc. Thank @Calderon_Lab, for your great support, and thank you to everyone who made an effort on this project.

📢 RSC Chemical Biology issue 2 is LIVE👉

📷 Front cover: @MontenegroLabo et al @UniversidadeUSC with a *beautiful* cover exploring helical #peptides for #supramolecular nanopore assembly 😍 #chembio

📖 #openaccess article 👉

We are very excited to share our group’s first paper describing our efforts to realize the mechanochemical activation of a supramolecular cage including cargo release, published @Angew_chem. This project is a product of great teamwork with @goestlich 🥳 🎉

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