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Published in @PLOSONE, the 2.8 Å #cryoEM structure of the E.coli haemolysin ClyA 12-meric pore complex by @orthkim, @dtomchick and colleagues from @UTSWNews is just one of 42 marvellous maps released this week @EMDB_EMPIAR. Take a look!

Our collaborative work with Prof. Maeda (Kanazawa Univ.) is here. Check #justaccepted in @J_A_C_S, we show how it is possible to switch the elution order of racemates by using dynamic chiral stationary phases @kanazawaUniv, @UniveridadeUSC,

Interested in crystal engineering? (and/or solid-state chemistry?) Consider joining us for this unique conference in October! At this point we have raised enough funds to cover the registration fees of all the attendees, but the number of seats is limited!

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